How To Style your Kid Hair For Parties

You should tie your kid’s hair in such a way that it reflects his or her personality. Other important thing is the style you’re adopting must be comfortable especially for your kids. Hair cut must suit the kid physique. Give freedom to choose the style your kid love. Their style varies on daily basis but for parties especially arrangements must be done.


For active parties- parties are some time organized in activity area like gym, park then you can go for pony tail. This will give her comfort and will also avoid coming of hair in face again and again. May be she will not like that but after doing it and getting it advantages she will love it.




For themed parties- some parties are done on theme basis. Each child is said to dress up as per theme. It may be a prince or princes or any cartoon character. And if there is such an invitation for your child then you must know that hair also is a part of dress up. For boys you can apply gels to add firmness to hairs and for girls to give her a princess look just open hair and flowing but don’t forget to do shampoo before this and add a sweet hair clip.


Foe enjoyable parties- to give a rock star look wash your kid hair apply a trendy head band. Other then party’s event there are many other things for which you have to give a perfect hair style to your kid you could go for pigtails. It is sweet and cute hair style for girls. In this hair is parted in two section and then pony tails on both sides to give adorable look. You can add French braid for more fun. Your girl will love this. For giving your boy a cool and casual look just ruff his hair with your hand gently. This style is known as tousled. To maintain the messy look use hair spray. It will give long effect.



Slicked back is another great style for cool boys. And for formal occasion as well. Wet the hair and use gel to give firmness. It gives a perfect style and reflect attitude. On the other hand girl with shorter hair can go for hair braids. Use barrette to make it look more fabulous. For this style chin length hair of bob style is perfect.

Before choosing these hair style or any other remember that it must suit your kid and your kid must be comfortable in it. Adding correct accessories and make it more fun. Gel can be used in case of boys. There are different types of hair pins of funky colors for girls. You can also choose them. Consult a better stylist for good cut of your kid hairs. Girl’s hair must long and if short then not short from shoulder. Kids are sensitive and they develop sense of inferior complexity firstly therefore a good and correct style must be given to them.

Hair extensions DC can be utilized to complement your kid’s sweet and cuddly personality. Fortunately, these extensions are safe to use and affordable as well. Interestingly, hair extensions for kids have become extremely popular in the recent past.

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