How to take care of your long hair

You need some good amount of time and patience to take care of your long hair as long hair can be difficult to manage. Since eternal time, long hair has looked good on women. It adds elegance and extra charm to their personality.

If not taken care properly your crown can look disheveled and limp. Plus people start thinking that you are sloppy and scruffy. Read on to find few tips for taking care of your crowning glory.


  • Clean them regularly

Clean them regularly

Cleansing the dirt and scalp produced oil is necessary to maintain the health and shine of hair. Dirt and oil can block the pores of hair and stop them form getting the nourishment from the body and lead to their fall. Try to avoid very hot water. Choose the right products for your hair type. Herbal and other mild products are advisable over products which have high contents of chemicals like sulphur and magnesium. If your hair is dry condition them sometimes using any natural product. Properly cleaning and conditioning can prevent dandruffs and other infections. But do not wash them daily.

  • Oil


Oiling or other moisture treatment is necessary for long hair. As it has been hanging around a long time and  repeatedly exhausted of natural oils when it’s so far from the scalp. Massaging your scalp not only rejuvenates your dead head skin it relaxes your mind as well.

  • Brushing or combing

Brushing or combing

It can be quite a task for ladies with long locks. Avoid combing on wet hair. After they are dry untangle them slowly with fingers and then brush them lightly dividing them in sections. Use the clean comb and most preferably a one with wide teeth.

  • Avoid blowers and dryers

Avoid blowers and dryers

Do not dry your hair using dryers. Heat damages and cause them to break. Also do not rub them vigorously to dry them

  • Trim periodically

Trim periodically

Long hair gets split ends after they have reached a certain length. It is necessary to have them removed to ensure proper growth of hair. Ends of hair are as important as their roots. To maintain their healthy texture proper grooming is necessary.

  • Special care in extreme weathers

Special care in extreme weathers

01-Special care in extreme weathers

Always cover them in scarves or caps while going out in cold or in too harsh sunlight. Cold dry air is as damaging as strong sunlight to hair.

  • Choose the right accessories and hair style

Choose the right accessories


Avoid wearing the rubber bands. Always use cotton bands. Do not wear a very tight pony tail nor do a tight braid. They do more damage than help to your hair.

  • Last but not the least is maintaining a proper diet and sleep routine

proper diet and sleep routine

Nothing will work if you are not adding good food to your plate. If you are stressing out for some reason and loosing your sleep over it, your hair will suffer as your skin does. Eating your greens and fruits is key thing to maintain the lustrous mane you will love to show off.

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Coco La’Rue is an award-winning hair extension specialist. She has mastered the art of providing mesmerizing results, owing to her love and passion for the industry. For more than a decade, she has brought smile on the faces of millions with her great techniques and sensible utilization of hair extensions and lace wigs. Her experience as a stylist spans from television, film, wedding to print media.

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