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Let me tell you how to "Get glammed in a few hours by CoCo La Rue"

Hair Extensions have become popular world-wide and now available in Arlington, VA A List Hair Extensions DC Stylist CoCo La Rue Hair Extensions opens in Clarendon

Ever wondered how the who’s who of Hollywood slay the red carpet with their luscious mermaid-like hair? Well, the cat’s out of the bag…hair-extensions!!!

Shocked, are you??

Well, fashion itself is a showpiece and hair-extensions are a part of the oomph which fashionistas and attention-hungry celebs love to deploy. Just like a John Hardy bracelet or a Tony Burch bag or a pair of Saint Laurent sandals, CoCo La Rue hair extensions DC have become a red-carpet accessory, celebs won’t love to step without.

Celebrities love to experiment with their looks to stay a step ahead of the hullabaloo. Just ask celebrity hair stylists who have decked the tresses of Kim Kardashian or Gigi Hadid to spill the beans on their jaw-dropping red-carpet looks.

We bet most of them will quote that hair extensions play a great role in sizing up style chameleon celebrities who have mastered the art of playing with their looks.

Well, I am convinced that hair extensions will suffice the craving to flaunt bouncy and lustrous hair if you don’t have a hair stylist at your beck and call. However, if you are a newbie to the hair extension game, then go through these five rules before you take the plunge.

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Your lifestyle

The choice of hair extensions depends a lot upon how you carry yourself and lead your lifestyle. For the record, there are three types of hair extensions. For beginners, we have clip-in extensions. They are user-friendly and can be clipped in and out based on your whims. Tape-in extensions come next. These tresses stay glued to your original strands with strong, invisible bi-adhesive premium tapes that are undetectable to touch. They can last up to eight weeks. The third is keratin extensions. These extensions are premium ones and are attached by a high-tech process that binds the hair strands with sound activation and keratin attachments. Keratins usually last for three months or more. Hot yoga fanatics should go for keratin. If you love to experiment with hair color then tape-ins should be your choice as keratins stay for a long period.

Choosing the right color match

Being a wolf in sheep’s skin is not a piece of cake. So make sure that the shade you are wearing fuses dead right with your original hair color. The trick here is to match the color of the ends of your locks and not the roots. This will allow the hair extensions to blend well with the shade of your hair.

Never compromise on quality

The quality of your hair extension will make or break your red carpet swag. So don’t take it lightly. Synthetic extensions have a cheaper price tag, but they tangle easily and have a high gloss which make them look artificial. Go for remy extensions as they are closest to natural hair. They are of the highest quality and will hold your hair to the point that they won’t come out easily.

Don’t forget maintenance

Maintenance holds the key to rich, wavy hair. Just like your hair, hair extensions need regular washing. Clip-ins need washing after every six or eight uses. Soak them in a tub and use a shampoo or conditioner to wash them. Use a towel to absorb excess water and air dry them. For tape-in and keratin extensions, use a mild shampoo and apply on the roots. For conditioning the tresses, start from the mid-length down to the ends. Refrain from using heat-styling tools on tape and keratin hairs. And make sure your hair is completely dry before you hit the bed.

Know when to pull it off

There are people who accuse hair extensions for causing heavy damage to their hair. But here’s the question… were they professionally removed? You can’t wear a hair extension that was meant for six weeks, for four months. Also, pay heed to the weight of the hair extension. Too heavy and your hair will start shedding. If the extensions are bothering you, take them off, but in a proper manner.
And there you have it!! Five ways to rock an eye-catching hairstyle. So are you ready to flaunt those delicate rafts of hair and up your fashion game? You can have all of that in Arlington VA at CoCo La Rue Hair Extensions boutique and salon located at 1114 North Irving Street Arlington, VA 22201.

CoCo La Rue for sure is the best place to go in Washington DC for Hair Extensions!

CoCo La Rue Hair Extensions brand is so soft and beautiful, they fool me every time. I look and look again and still couldn’t figure out the mystery!
How? That hair looked so natural, pristine! How could this even be possible?

Over an impromptu portrait session with some of city’s who’s who one evening, I found the glorious mystery behind the splendid red-carpet locks: CoCo LaRue’s uber sophisticated hair extensions. Right in the middle of the session, I asked Joanna to turn her back to the camera and stare back at the camera while fixing her hair and she immediately dropped Coco’s name the minute I mentioned how thick her hair had grown overnight.

With my curiosity piqued, I dropped the name to some of socialite-blogger acquaintances over dinner once and the tales of the great Coco haven’t stopped coming in yet.

In DC, if there’s a magician you can trust with your hair and its health, it’s Coco. Somewhat of a celebrity hair-stylist, CoCo’s tales of bad hair day rescues have given her a cult-god like status with spellbound bigshot clients.

A favorite among the A-listers, Coco LaRue’s luxuriant hair extensions are a major a hit throughout DC. From diplomat’s wives to superstar athletes’ girlfriends and wives, she’s fixed everyone hair. Her mission is simple; to get you thicker, longer, prettier and extremely gorgeous hair.

Coco isn’t too keen on hoarding clients either. She’s choosy because she’s dedicated and offers plenty of extension application options so you can decide whether you want to go through a meticulous, couple of hour long application or just get it for the night and take the extensions off soon as the event’s over.

Intensive applications spanning few hours and onsite/at salon by the brand/maker of the extensions from LaRue will cost you around $2500 but given the goddess like image Coco has earned in little over a decade, there is an impressive batch of testimonials advocating the cost.

Magnificent, Meticulous and Majestic

Regina C LaRue, better known as Coco LaRue, is a name that you’ll hear frequently in DC’s lifestyle circle. Her versatility is what made her famous among the bigshots of the state since she has 100% natural and the finest quality extensions available for just about any hair structure/DNA and style.

From Washington, DC metro area to Beverly Hills, the tales of Coco’s conquers are sung by many. The woman is not your average Celeb hair stylish, she’s a healer and has her own army of ardent believers who wouldn’t dare let another stylist touch their hair without Coco’s blessings. The cult of Coco is thriving thanks to her unbelievable skills and central focus on sophisticated techniques of applying extensions without straining the scalp or the roots either.

For Coco, it’s all about comfort

After having been a pro and celeb hair stylist for over 12 years, Coco has shifted her focus from mastering the technique to innovating the technique. Her goal, Coco says, is to not just make a 75 year old look like she has the tresses of a 27 years but make the extensions look as natural as possible. She makes them undetectable and is always spot on with the shades that blend in like a new puppy in a loving home. Her only concern, the extensions must do justice to your personal style and hair health.

High profile clientele

Coco LaRue is not a hair stylist, she’s a standard herself! A benchmark and a milstone that many have failed to reach. Having worked with Judge Angelia Cooley, Lori Laske, and several social media influencers, prominent fashion models, Coco has diversified her entire range of hair extensions to provide the best quality of natural hair that's synthetic free. She adds that even

though she has the broadest variety of extensions and lace wigs for almost every hair texture, don’t let the variety fool you. She recommends that you always go for the most alluring cuts if you don’t find the right shade and more often than not, her extremely hospitable and eager staff locates the perfect extensions for everyone who ever walks in.

The inspiration

Coco doesn’t just believe in but also advocates that putting your best image forth is what can really help women excel especially when it comes to body-image and self-image issues. In fact, her advocacy of making women more beautiful than they already are and helping them accept their flaws is what has earned her such a loyal clientele that often reflects the aura of a secret yet fiercely loyal society.

Coco has fans and clients across Washington DC, San Francisco, and Beverly Hills. A frequent collaborates with the who’s who of Hollywood, she knows what looks best on the red carpet, in front of the camera and on the street when you are just walking across the street but still looking like a million bucks.

CoCo La Rue Work Has Landed In Hair Magazines And FOX 45 GoodDay Baltimore On “How To Transform Your Hair From Day To Night.’

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