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Now day’s people give much important to looks. Perfect dress, shoes are things that helps to highlight it. Other than all these we need is a elegant and unique hair accessories.  There are different types of hair accessories available in market with shapes, sizes, styles etc. they are very attractive in nature. Before choosing hair accessories for you note some of the points. Then choose the right one for yourself.

Accessories you are using must be comfortably placed in your hair. Your accessories, hair color etc should match your outfit. During parties can use heavy accessories clips with diamond on it or feathers. If your hairs are short and its summer time than go for sweet clips like butterfly clips.

There are various types of hair accessories to add in your styling kit.

1. HEADBANDS - this is very and comfortable to use. Whether your hair are open, ponytail or bun you can use headbands. They control hair for messing up therefore has great function. People now prefer thin bands. If your hairs are of different colors use thin black band and if not then you can go vibrant color like orange, blue, green etc. if your placing your hair open and down then it better to choose thick hair bands. Spell bounded color combination are available in market.



2. HAIR PINS - hair pins are another option you can go for. They hold a specific portion of your hair. There many varieties of hairpin available from crystal to normal one. To make puff also it is highly demanded. Even in ponytails you can use this. They are so easy and convenient that it is really hard to keep yourself away from it!



3. BARRETTES OR HAIRCLIPS - They are somewhat similar to head bands and also comes in different shapes and sizes.  They go perfectly with any types of hair style. It is famous among girls as well women. These can also be used as ponytail holder like the hair pins. There are numerous range of hair clips available to catch your heart.



4. HAIR CLAWS - They is 90% times used for designing a perfect hair style i.e. not used in daily basis. Go for hair claw which suit your hair. It is difficult to choose perfect hair claws among so many present in market.



5. HAIR CLAMPS -This hair clamps are great in holding large part of hair fit and tightly. Plain hair clamps and square cut hair clamps with silk chameuse wrapped in it are the option available. The most popular and unique is boucle hair clamp.


6. BOBBY PINS - there are similar to barrettes. They can be used for different styles. Using bobby pins can range from one to twenty. Yes! You can use twenty bobby pins at a time it makes hair look like shining star. Different designs are made of then like flowers, leaves, butterflies etc.


7. HEAD SCRAF - some people love it a lot. It helps in giving a cool look. There are different types of head scarf available from plain color to trendy animal print.



8. CAPS - these are perfect hair accessories if you are trying to protect your hair. Caps must be definitely used if you are planning to go for a picnic. Caps are of different shapes, size. Round cap gives a very sweet look.


9. BUCKLES - This is widely accepted among women. They come in many patters. They make hair look simple and professional.


10. RUBBER BANDS - girls with long hair normally prefer this to tie their hairs at last. Beautiful and bright color rubber bands are available in market.



Above mention are the top 10 hair accessories which will help you look smart, sweet, cool and elegant. Choose hair accessories as per your comfort and it must go with your outfit and hair color as well.

Once you’ve attained the diva look with hair accessories, combine them with hair extensions. In this manner, you will be granted a chance to relish in flawless appearance. For individuals living in capital city, the best hair extensions Salon DC is not difficult to find. Log on internet, and start searching for them. You will be surprised by the sheer number of options.

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