Hair By Coco Larue

Price & ServicesHair Extensions by “A List Stylist” CoCo La Rue
Sew In Weave ExtensionsNot Included$800 & UpBy AppointmentSee Process
 Included$2200By AppointmentSee Process
Fusion Hair ExtensionsIncluded$2500By AppointmentSee Process
Micro Links ExtensionsIncluded$2000By AppointmentSee Process
Brazillian Knott ExtensionsIncluded$2400By AppointmentSee Process
CoCo La Rue Micro MiniNot Included$2500By AppointmentSee Process
Tape In ExtensionsHair Included$1200By AppointmentSee Process
Treatments for TrichotillomaniaInstall Included$1800By AppointmentSee Process

Are you looking for the best hair extensions prices in Washington DC?

This Hair Extensions Salon in Washington DC offers several hair extensions services and more. CoCo La Rue Micro Mini sew in tracks, Treatments for Trichotillomania, Fusions Extensions, Brazilillian Knott Extensions, Sew In Weaves DC, Shrinklinks Extensions, Seamless, Tape Extensions, Micro Links Extensions, & Clip In Extensions.

CoCo La Rue Sew in weaves are popular for their comfort and natural effect. In fact, many women have already made sew in weaves MD and best sew in weaves dc indispensable part of their life. And we have taken the charge to provide the best sews in DC in town.

Our strength is in our products made from natural hair procured from different exotic locations in the world. In this manner, we have been able to transform the lives of our clients.

Fusions, Sew in weaves and Brazillian Knott extensions allow every woman to rock beautiful hair. Even when they work out, jog or even swim, sew in weaves are perfect for every scenario.

All appointments require a deposit by credit card and is non-refundable if you cancel. Please call us to confirm the date you ant to come. You can book with us over the phone. Please keep in mind that once you are booked that time is reserved you and you onle. We do not over book, all sessions are one on one.

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